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Commemorating the Lebanese aboard the Titanic

Commemorating the Lebanese aboard the titanic

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  • United Nations Commission on Human Rights or the UN Human Rights Council
    The UNCHR was established in 1946 by ECOSOC, and was one of the first two "Functional Commissions" set up within the early UN structure (the other being the Commission on the Status of Women). It was a body created under the terms of the United Nations Charter (specifically, under Article 68) to which all UN member states are signatories.
  • Armenian Genocide: the Redeeming Words By Bahjat Rizk
    To recognize the Armenian is a way for Turkey to rehabilitate itself in its own eyes first, then in the eyes of the world. It is to open a new page, fully acknowledging its past and resolutely turning to the future to become again a great nation.
  • Universality and Specificity of Cultures
    We will never know how one goes from being an executioner to being a victim, and vice versa. We will never know to what extent people are driven by humanist idealism or by opportunistic ideology.

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  • DESA News March 2015 New ASG Lenni Montiel, Sustainable data, 600 million jobs
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